Why we can’t get ourselves to do what we know we need & want to do!

Joseph Segal
5 min readOct 19, 2022

by Joseph Segal
Kindness advocate, author, and podcaster

Hey, can I be direct and really candid with you for a moment? Lately, everything is really “hard”. It seems like one crisis follows the next. Health issues, money issues, family issues (The Big Three!), and then there is how I see the world out there falling apart every day too. The “news” is cringe! Horrifying most of the time, really!

This all adds up like the proverbial straws that break the camel’s back.

I wonder how many other people experience times like this? Surely, I can’t be alone in this!

What do we put off doing what we need to do & how do we do this?

I for my part work on being of service to others. I work to encourage them, help them, and be a kind caring person in their life and that is rewarding to me because it’s at my core what I care about and matches my core life principles. Helping others for me is a part of how I put off the hard work of healing and processing my inner wounds ie doing the hard stuff.

When I resist doing things I know need to be done it’s often because I feel doing so I’m missing out on doing other things that are more productive and meaningful ie rewarding to me and often that feel more urgent.

Also when I resist doing things I know will help me grow and improve it’s because I now understand it is in large part because I have some subconscious story or ideas that are running their scripts on me, (self-limiting beliefs) things like:

People can’t be trusted they’ll just hurt or betray me.

🤔 The world is an unsafe unkind place.

🤔 Money creates problems.

🤔 I’m not good enough.

🤔 I’m not worthy of what I want.

🤔 Nothing ever works out for me.

These are what we might refer to as limiting belief systems. In my experience, they are more than that. They are mental-emotional scars from wounds we received.

And I can tell you in vivid detail the exact incident or incidents, often traumatic ones from…



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