We Shouldn’t Trade Our Lives For Mere Survival!

Joseph Segal
4 min readApr 24, 2022


Everyone should have equity and true freedom

We’ve been living this way forever so I know it's hard to see something so “normal” as inherently not right but please hear me out a second.

Renting a home is part of America’s economic apartheid system.

If you are working paycheck to paycheck as most American workers are today, you are building equity for your employer And equity for your landlord and what you get out of it is “survival”.

And yes, not being a worker-owner is also economic apartheid.

If you’re investing the valuable few healthy working years you have in your life in a job so you can make the rent & other debts while not building equity & wealth you are not really free. You are a type of indentured servant of the ownership class.

One cannot truly be free in this country without accruing wealth that is savings beyond your expenses. I heard a “financial literacy” expert on TV say we should have 3 to 6 but even better 12 months of living expenses saved up just in case. Who is she talking about? I mean…really?

What doesn’t she get about “paycheck to paycheck”?

We are working for survival, not for a life. There’s a big difference. And we’ve been told not to ask for raises or prices will go up, basically threatening to starve us if we don’t keep working for less so they can have more.

We’ve been told if we don’t like our job we should go find another one! Like hey, there’s the door! This benefits owners as they really do not want workers to stay and work for a better working environment and better pay together with other employees, not at all! They want us to feel like freedom is being able to fight by yourself, for yourself, because being an individual is a lot easier for big businesses to contend with than people who are organizing as groups of employees.

This is why corporations spend millions to bust union organizing.

They tell us we have the “freedom” to trade our labor, the few precious years of good health we have for what? For mere survival month to month, paycheck to paycheck. Why? So they can “rapidly scale profits” for their own “exit” or…



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