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Joseph Segal
5 min readApr 22
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This article linked below is the roots of Trump/GOP anti-democracy, anti-immigrant political extremism & its recent political violence, the now deadly impacts we are experiencing of climate change, and the very social fabric of this nation being shredded from political division & violence to gun violence & mass shootings, to racist police violence & killings, to increased suicides and overdoses. This report, this article below!

And let me be very clear this is not about Republicans or Democrats for that matter, they are servants of the ruling class, the “donor class”, the Wall Street investor class that has orchestrated our current chaos and decline!

This is a Rand Corporation (not a liberal group by any stretch) study about the roots of and destructive nature of the financialization of America and hollowing out of the working class to enrich the already very wealthy to the tune of FIFTY TRILLION DOLLARS.

IF/WHEN you remove what really Made America Great such as it was if you want to for a moment disregard the horrors of slavery, Jim Crow segregation/Lynching, Japanese internment camps, “removal/genocide fo America’s native peoples, and wars on Mexico to steal by force large chunks of its land, the Chinese Exclusion Act and immigration restrictions on Jews during the Holocaust, then perhaps you can look at when America had the largest ever expansion and creation of a middle class as a result of FDR’s New Deal investments in public works projects that employed millions of hungry homeless Depression-era Americans, built the Hoover Dam, established Social Security lifting millions f seniors out of poverty and built affordable housing.

What this article shows is a surreptitious reversal of the New Deal that took from the working poor and gave to the stock trading wealthy fabulously wealthy, entrenching anti-competition job-destroying monopolies in banking, insurance, healthcare, big Ag food, telecommunications, the news media, and big tech like this very site we are on now.

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