Joseph Segal
4 min readJul 25, 2017


So how do we defeat these people.

There are people out there (behind their faceless corporations and PACS) adding piles of money to their already un-spendable piles of money seeking more power to protect these stashes of money thinking it will bring them happiness and safety.

We call them the 1% or the 1/1oth of the 1% and they have bought and control almost all of the levers of power in the government of the United States which was presented as a tool of public empowerment to us by revolutionaries hundreds of years ago.

These people who have controlled the distribution of wealth and opportunity in this country fund buy and own the US Congress and Senate today more than anytime in our lifetimes or that of this country!

It’s okay with them if you go into massive personal debt to get a college education because they find ways of profiting off of that.

It’s okay with them if you must work several jobs and barely have time to see your kids or see our nation or the world, to live life to pursue happiness because they don’t see you. They don’t see me. They see stories they tell themselves in their minds that they are entitled to wealth and power because their smarter, work harder and somehow superior to you and I.

They call survival having the ability to afford medicine to stay alive an “entitlement” and see us all as lazy takers and moochers who want “free stuff” causing them to have to give up some of their money in taxes and that is infuriating to them! So they buy what’s supposed to be our elected representatives and they buy them cheap too!

And you are told to get a “side-hustle” and join the “gig economy” and work harder and one day you’ll be rich and famous too!

You are told to resent the other working poor people out there the ones with darker skin or unfamiliar sounding accents because they are the one’s making life hard for you. In fact it’s the 1%’ers and the 10% wealthy investor types who make money off of money instead of off of work who are squeezing your life through their greedy little fingers to get more and more money every day! So they mechanize and invest in AI artificial intelligence and tell you that hey if you learn to code you can or be a data person you can still have a job managing the machines that make them profit.

How do we defeat them? Who do we tear down these evil yes evil delusional greedy people who not only put all our lives on the auction block but also on the chopping block so they can gain and keep more money and power?

Build us up instead.
✔Form/Join a Worker-Owned company
✔Use apps to buy Fair Trade Only. Scan barcodes at every store!
✔Share technology for happiness-Meditation-Yoga-Self Hypnosis because this is not really a battle between the Left and Right or Haves and Have-Nots, it is between the conscious and the as yet unconscious! Because those of us who are conscious understand we are all one, deserving of life, liberty and justice by right of our very existence on Earth! So help wake up more people through the most powerful tech available ie that created over thousands of years by people living outside of Western “civilization”.
✔Stop wasting time arguing with people! You can’t change people’s minds with a tweet or post or blog. It took years for them to learn their fears and beliefs and years of listening to angry fear laden corporate media to ingrain those fears and beliefs in their brains.
✔Meet people locally to learn and share and love and grow your community! In person we see our humanity we feel it, we connect in powerful ways beyond the digital faceless realm we’re on here now.
✔Take people you know out into nature. The beach, the lake, the forest, the parks and connect with the power of this Earth.
✔Cut the cords to the corporate fear and anger machine called “News” and stop letting your brains be rewired to fear and hate. CHOOSE to pull in the information, inspiration, and collaboration you need to be healthy happy and prosperous instead.
✔Don’t give up! Not on yourself or each other. Not on your ability to make a difference because you can and you do!
✔Find the most caring, loving, passionate seeker of justice running for any public office and give your time money and whatever you can to help them win.

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Joseph Segal

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