Should everyone have free food and housing?

Joseph Segal
4 min readMar 14, 2023

I was recently asked if I thought people just by virtue of having made it to the USA should get free food and housing.

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Here’s my response.

Yes. Thank you, James. I will try to describe my own beliefs on this. Firstly, I believe there is enough food, clothing, shelter, healthcare and water for every human being on the planet and we are all victims of artificial shortages created to sustain an immoral, deadly global system that distributes wealth from the world’s hardest working people to the investor class whose investor stock trading economy is now 8x’s larger than the economy working people who make things and provide services to others.

Just a generation ago we used to be able to provide for one’s family with only one income earner, afford a small house, send kids to college and take annual Summer family vacations all from working blue-collar jobs that didn’t require advanced college degrees. But we went from 30% of US workers being in private sector unions like in auto manufacturing, steel, and making most of our own clothing in America to under 10% being in unions and saw our real income adjusted for inflation reduced requiring most households to become two-income earning households.

I believe that everyone should have basic life-sustaining nutritious food available if they are in need, and healthcare via a national health insurance plan similar to what every other advanced economic nation offers, you get sick or injured you can see any doctor and get service, no in or out of network, no deductibles, no lifetime caps, no exclusion for preexisting conditions, return to tuition-free public colleges as we had in the 50s thru the 70’s and most advanced economic nations have today and a large expansion of public housing that people can get work-equity in by helping to manage and repair these properties. I believe most people want to work doing things that are meaningful interesting and rewarding and most people don’t want to just sit around living with basic necessities and not bettering themselves.

We should have a national insurance program to provide for paid parental leave for the father or mother and help with childcare & senior care as parents and grandparents age into Alzheimer’s as my mother has done (a very terrible disease!)and tens of…



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