Screenplayful of synchronicity!

Joseph Segal
3 min readSep 29, 2022

This will be a short thread on synchronicity.

So if you follow me on Twitter @joesegal you know my mom is up there in age and we kids care very deeply about her and for her collectively as best as we can.

I promised to take her to see Gustavo Dudamel conduct the LA Phil this Sunday. She beamed in anticipation!

So I rented the wheelchair-enabled van today to use to take mom to the concert!

Okay, let me back up a bit to what may seem unrelated for a just a minute…

I started working on my first, maybe my only screenplay recently. It’s been a joyful project & the writing has flowed out of me onto the page.

It’s about a half-Egyptian half Native American man who is fighting the painful shadows of his childhood & trying to build his future.

I wrote the first part of this screenplay not with any idea of it being a successful movie, but because it was a joyful release of creativity through me into the world. I decided to let go of the outcome and just enjoy being me and creating.

That was today. I decided to let go of any expectations for the screenplay… today.

I rented the van I mentioned then I went to my pharmacy.

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I parked got out of my car and there a few spots over was a wheelchair-enabled van like what I just rented.

I walked over to take a look & introduced myself.

The young lady in the wheelchair was sweet and kind as I shared about the concert we’re taking mom to she smiled and said OOohh you’re going to love it! So I gave her & her caretaker one of my Kindness Cards. They both smiled brightly & thanked me.

Then I noticed the caretaker’s arm was covered in tattoos! Not just any tattoos. She had a tattoo of the Egyptian Eye of Horus, a symbol which is a central part of the story I’ve been writing, my new screenplay!

This is the synchronicity that happens when I radiate love & kindness.

I have experienced this type of synchronicity before in my life. It usually happens when I tap into loving kindness feelings and actions and then let go. When I let go of any outcomes or expectations and just be me. /end

Moral of this story? Not to self: Be yourself. Be kind and loving to yourself and others. Do what you love because it’s who you are. Something good is happening.

That’s it.

Joe Segal

Joseph Segal

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