Reverse Neoliberalism Now!

Joseph Segal
2 min readDec 5, 2022

Many of us have heard or seen the news story of the person who fell overboard from his cruise ship and survived in rough seas by treading water for 12 or 18 hours. Can you imagine? The fear? The will to survive? The fatigue???

What is the equivalent of treading water on land?
In America’s trickle-down economic system where the rich always get richer so rich, they build rocketships for other rich people to fly into space while the middle-class shrinks, our life expectancy reduces for the first time in generations, and the poor begin to fill our streets with tents.

The equivalent of treading water and falling overboard is living paycheck to paycheck. A reported 65% of all Americans are in this boat today!

Trying not to get eaten by the sharks of bill collectors
or swamped by the waves of layoffs & rent hikes!

The answer?

Reverse neoliberalism!
Invest in the formation of worker-owned businesses that bring true democracy to the workplace giving every working person agency, a voice and vote, and a stake in the success of their work and workmates!

What is neoliberalism? It’s the financialization of the economy. Wall St’s economy is now 8x’s that of the real work economy! It is cutting taxes on the…



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