Freedom Accelerator Review Oct 2023

Joseph Segal
11 min readOct 11, 2023

Will this help you get financial freedom?

by Joseph Segal, 27-year veteran affiliate marketer and author of Loving My Side Hustle

Introductory Insights And Opinions

You want to get your freedom from the 9–5 grind. You want passive income streams from multiple sources to give you security. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways just about anyone can achieve this.

Is it easy money, a get-rich-quick business anyone can make tens of thousands of dollars with overnight? No. It’s not. It is a serious business that takes a serious approach by a person committed to improving their life and getting financial and time freedom.

I am writing about affiliate marketing because I know some things about it. I started in affiliate marketing in 1996 when the Internet was like the Wild West and just about any banner you put up on the web made huge returns on your ad spend and efforts. I was working backbreaking warehouse jobs, retail jobs from Hell, and tedious bookkeeping jobs and seriously hating them all. But I stumbled onto this thing called affiliate marketing.

It was in the very early days of the Internet when most webmasters built their sites for fun, not for profit. So when I found I could join an affiliate program and get paid by the click on my banners, I did some cold emailing to webmasters and offered them fifty bucks a month to put my banner on their sites and I didn’t just make back my money, I tripled my ad spends.

The rest as they say is history. I’ve made six-figure incomes and lived a pretty good life. I’m still learning and earning.

For those eager to plunge into this digital domain but puzzled about the initial steps, this review aims to provide clarity. Navigating through the myriad of courses can be challenging. There are thousands of YouTube videos promising quick riches. What you need is a great coach or mentor and a system or blueprint that gives you a step-by-step process to start and grow your business.

That’s why I am particularly excited about this affiliate marketing start-up process and mentor program. After thorough research, I’ve concluded: It’s a genuine investment worth considering. Let me explain why I think it’s a particularly wise investment.

Start with this program here when you’re ready to change your life for the better and get your financial freedom.


Montoya breaks his system down into four phases each one teaching you another fundamental step in building your freedom and income as an affiliate marketer.

Phase 1 is shown below. He introduces the Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem where he helps you find and choose the best offers to make money with. then moves on to help you learn to automate your lead gen and sales systems which is honestly where it’s at if you want to go from zero to hero in this business.

You’ll learn how to create viral sixt to fifteen-second short videos to build your audience numbers up and get traffic flowing to you. This includes learning how to profit from Facebook Reels.

He shows you how to close sales in your Messenger and other chat direct messages “DM’s” so you can get cash coming in ASAP.

Phase 2 and maybe the most powerful module here is learning to start and scale a money-making cash cow YouTube channel so you can create evergreen content that earns you money year after year.

Phase three goes deep into the science of converting your sales with your landing pages and other creative media.

What Is Freedom Accelerator?

Brought to you by Jonathan Montoya, a renowned six-figure internet entrepreneur, the Freedom Accelerator course stands out as a first-rate training program for side hustle newbies or veteran marketing pros.

He has put together the A-Team of marketing experts from Instagram millionaires to YouTube masterminds to help train you to succeed. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel because they learned everything in the school of hard knocks and they’ll happily teach it all to you.

Montoya and the Freedom Accelerator offers a deliciously smooth blend of automation, expertise, and user-friendly design, making it the most approachable online system of learning and earning I’ve seen. You just click and go through the modules one by one and join in on the coaching calls in his VIP group to help you along the way.

Photo by Gian Cescon on Unsplash

This is a very serious affiliate marketing training and coaching program for anyone who is serious about breaking out of the 9–5 grind jobs and building not just income but real wealth.

For those who are serious about making enough money to live a good life, and even desperate to break free from endless experiments with affiliate programs and Facebook groups promising a lot and leaving a lot to be desired, this course is your ticket to financial independence, if you put in the work and participate in the membership.

You need to commit yourself to doing whatever it takes to succeed.

If you, like many of us have worked dead-end jobs with deadbeat bosses and want out of that mess, you can follow the program and start earning money relatively quickly. In fact, Montoya makes a point of focusing on helping you make your first sales as quickly as humanly possible.

Why Would You Want To Choose Freedom Accelerator?

  • You deserve a better life that you live on your terms: Say goodbye to the soul-sucking 9-to-5 wage slave life, forever.
  • You want to learn how to make money fast.
  • You want to learn systems of automation and delegate two keys for long-term wealth building.
  • You want to learn from some of the top digital marketing and affiliate marketing experts today.
  • You want to have access to regular coaching calls to answer your questions and keep you on track. This is seriously one of the best aspects of his program in my estimation. It really is.
  • Passive Income: Enjoy a steady monthly income from your home’s comfort. It’s sweet getting checks years after you created some content and did the work. I know, I still do 27 years later. You can too.
  • Live life on your terms: Experience a life of time flexibility, location freedom, and financial prosperity. That’s the goal and you can get there from here if here, is having a great coach like Montoya and his team on your side and in your corner.
  • Diverse Earning Streams: Set up multiple passive income sources, giving you more time for personal pursuits.
  • You get access to dozens of recorded coaching calls answering just about any question you’ll come up against as you learn to grow your business. It’s like having a library of winning ideas.

Inside the Course: A Sneak Peek

Let’s dive into the core of affiliate marketing with the Freedom Accelerator course. It’s your guide to:

  1. Product Mastery: Picking the right products that resonate with your audience. This is very important. Finding the right product that has low return and refund rates, that has recurring revenues that pay you every month, that has upsells and downsales to keep making you money is how you go from making a little money on the side to making your life an incredible joy ride!
  2. Campaign Strategies: Crafting campaigns that convert. If you can learn from the best campaigns and clone them, copy them, it saves you costly advertising campaign mistakes and consequently makes you money. That’s huge. It’s like studying off the work of A students in school, you’re going to get better grades that way.
  3. Viral Content Creation. Learning how to rapidly create the most viral content possible to build your presence and brand so you can make more money.
  4. Creating Irresistible Offers That Convert. He teaches you how to build an offer that converts ie makes you money. How to build your affiliate stack of offers, how to build your bonus stack to increase your conversion ratios, and more.
  5. How To Close DM Sales. How to get people into conversations to help them come to you and want to buy your products or services, how to handle objections, and how to close the sale to put high ticket big dollar cash into your pocket.
  6. Performance Analytics: Keeping tabs on results and optimizing accordingly. Understanding your stats, where your traffic and sales are coming from, and what headlines are converting and which ones are not, these things will make you a great deal of money and save you a great deal of heartache. I know. You have to know your numbers. Montoya’s program teaches you how to do this.
  7. YouTube monetization and traffic generation. Building evergreen, always online content that keeps building your traffic and making you money year after year after year.

And that’s not all! It accentuates the power of short-form videos, guiding users on how to capitalize on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. You’ll learn how to use the best software out today with Ai tools to create the most viral shorts and reels and rapidly build your audience, follower counts, and sales channels. That’s going to be vitally important in this current evolution of online marketing and affiliate marketing.

This training alone is really worth what he’s charging.

Montoya teaches you how to make “Six Second Videos” that capture eyeballs and leads and build your traffic and follower numbers rapidly. You’ll learn what software to use to create these viral shorts and how to turn them into DM conversations that can help you close high-ticket sales.

Meet Jonathan Montoya: The Brain Behind the Brilliance

Jonathan isn’t just an entrepreneur; he’s a visionary. Founder of Passive Income Lifestyles and the primary instructor for Freedom Accelerator, his initial days saw him excel as an electrical engineer. But what truly sets him apart is his innate ability to explain things simply and in ways that are useful, ensuring both newbies and veterans grasp the essence of his teachings. Also, he seems like a genuinely good human being!

How Does Freedom Accelerator Work?

Structured in a 4-phase methodology, the course is designed to catapult you from scratch to a monthly earnings of over $100,000. Each phase is meticulously crafted:

  1. Strong Foundations: Aim for getting your first sale then earning your first $10,000 in the first month, laying the groundwork for future success.
  2. Scaling Heights: Achieve and then multiply that initial $10,000, targeting $30,000 by mastering social media automation and delegating your work to a team of virtual salespeople and other helpers.
  3. Sustained Traffic: Implement systems ensuring a steady flow of affiliate traffic. Setting up your evergreen online sales lead capture automation to keep money coming in.
  4. Full Automation: Streamline operations, cutting down your hands-on time to a mere 5%.

Freedom Accelerator’s Arsenal

The course is jam-packed with some rather amazing resources:

  • Core Program: Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem — the ultimate starter pack. Learn how to find the best affiliate offers that complement each other and spread out your earning risk and potential
  • 5-Hour Fast-Start: Ready-to-use funnels for promoting top-tier offers.
  • Freedom Community: Network with industry stalwarts and peers. OMG! this is so valuable I can’t begin to explain it. But you’re going to find that going it alone is a path to a lonely life of unnecessary pitfalls and heartaches as an affiliate marketing professional. You want to and need to find your group to work with you if you want to build a real business and freedom lifestyle. It’s vitally important.
  • Weekly Coaching: Stay abreast of contemporary, effective strategies. People have paid tens of thousands of dollars for the type of coaching you’ll get as part of this program. If you’re serious about your financial freedom earning a good living and making a good life as an affiliate marketer, you want to make every one of the weekly coaching calls and you want to participate! Don’t just lurk. Speak up.

Plus, you get some amazing exclusive bonuses that further enhance your affiliate marketing business start-up and scaling process.

Let’s check out his “bonus stack”, the value he shares to help close the deal and get you in the door as one of his students in his program.

  • TikTok 0 To 10K Blueprint — Get Your First 1,000 Followers In 24 Hours ($497 Value)

In This Bonus, he reveals his “Favorite Way To QUICKLY Get To 1k Followers” plus you get 100+ Done-For-You Short Video Templates That Have Proven To Go Viral…

Shows You The Only 5 Types Of Videos You’ll Ever Need…

Gives You A Detailed Calendar Showing What Types Of Videos To Post When…

  • Top 15 Affiliate Stacking Niches — How To Find Hundreds Of High-Converting Offers ($97 Value)

His Expert Team and Jonathan Montoya Hand-Picked & Researched The TOP 15 Niches For YOU…

Each Of These Niches Are Proven To Convert For Affiliate Traffic, So You Can Start Building Passive Income Quickly…

  • Case Study: Daniel Chou’s 6-Figure Formula — Discover The Secrets Behind 6-Figure Business ($497 Value)

When It Comes To Making Money With Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem, You Can Learn A Lot From Someone Who… Went From -$35,000 In Debt (And Sued By AMEX) To Now Making $20,000 — $30,000 Per Month!!

THIS IS HUGE!~ Like I wrote above in this review, you want to go to school on the work of the best in the business so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and learn in the school of hard knocks.

He Took My System And, On Top Of It, Developed His Own Secret System For Profiting On Facebook…

  • Spilling The Secrets Of Reels — Get More Views From The Videos You Already Made ($497 Value)

To Help You Get Results With Reels, he brings Someone Who Got 1 MILLION Followers Using Them — Joshua Smith…

Inside This Course, Joshua Will Show You His Strategies & Secrets For Turning FB Reels And Your Personal Profile Into An Absolute Traffic And Profit Goldmine…

  • Instant Business In 90 Minutes — Pick One Of 10 More Done-For-You Offers To Promote ($4,997 Value)

I’m Going To Give You At Least 3 More Affiliate Stacking Business Models You Can QUICKLY Get Started With…

Crypto Affiliate Stack

Real Estate Affiliate Stack

Weight Loss Affiliate Stack

Okay, those are some very impressive bonuses that can help you make a ton of money IF you put in the work every day and stick with it. It’s a really solid package of training, coaching and even “done-for-you” business plans you can run with.


  • What exactly is Freedom Accelerator? It’s Jonathan Montoya’s holistic program, guiding you to grow an affiliate marketing venture from nil to $100,000 monthly.
  • Not satisfied with the program? Rest easy. A 30-day refund policy is in place to ensure peace of mind.
  • Is it a scam? A resounding no. Freedom Accelerator is a trusted and credible resource.

In Conclusion

Freedom Accelerator isn’t just a course; it’s a transformative experience for those aiming to excel in affiliate marketing. With Jonathan Montoya at the helm, the course promises not just knowledge but a clear pathway to success.

Don’t let hesitation hold you back. Embark on a fulfilling affiliate marketing journey with the Freedom Accelerator today!



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