Do Affirmations Really Work?

Oprah Winfrey has it right! If we don’t adjust our shadow programming we end up stuck in life reliving the same problems over and over again.

The fact that you’re asking about affirmations is a strong indication that you’re ready for change in your life. You’re probably looking for ways to reduce mounting stress and anxiety. You want to get unstuck from those areas of your life that keep giving you problems over and over again. So maybe you’ve used affirmations and tried them once or twice. I’m going to try to show you a review of a program that is put together to answer the question of do affirmations really work by helping people learn how to make them work.

Personally I find they help me create more calm and peace in my heart and mind and I use them all day and all night. That’s actually one of the ways to make affirmations work, use them all the time. Why? Because it takes repetition to create a thought pattern to counter our negative thought patterns we have all the time.

Have you ever used positive affirmations and wondered to yourself, do affirmations really work? Or maybe you’ve heard people or read articles that say affirmations don’t work. Well, does a hammer work? Does a scalpel work? Does a paint brush work? You have to learn how to use these and affirmations are no different.

Have you tried to use affirmations but didn’t notice immediate change in your life? Well, that’s because we need to use them effectively and strategically for them to break through our years and years of negative self-sabotaging subconscious programming!

We have tens of thousands of thoughts a day. Most of them repetitive thoughts we had yesterday and days before that and many of them are negative in nature. That’s because our mind is wired by evolution to look for the negative to keep us safe from things that might go bump in the night and eat us for lunch! That’s also why it’s so easy to become negative, complain and be hard on ourselves.

But there is hope! There’s always hope. Affirmations when used strategically and repeatedly can begin to create a new inner voice that becomes our inner ally. Whenever our inner critic comes up and whispers to us that “I’m not good enough” or “things never work out for me”, using affirmations can create a new stronger encouraging compassionate voice that lets the negative voice fade into the background where it stops stopping you from living the healthy happy prosperous life you want.

Do Affirmations Work To Help Your Life Work?

Watch this video to learn more!

This is one testimonial of a user of the affirmations program I’m reviewing below.

These affirmations are helping me feel positive and strong.

I’m savoring each one!”- Beth Falk

So I’m going to cut to the chase here and answer the question, “Do affirmations work?” Yes! Yes! Yes! … for some people. Why only some people? It depends on how and when you use them. It depends on the energy you put into saying them when you use them. It depends on your setting a positive intention and desire to make them work in your life too. If you can do these things and a few other key steps, you can make positive affirmations a powerful tool for creating breakthroughs in your unhealthy behavior, for reducing your stress and anxiety and for having a sense of self-confidence.

So to start this review of this positive affirmations personal development happiness program I’ll show you below, take a look at the cards they created. There’s a lot of different tools they give you to help you achieve your goals for your life beyond the affirmation cards. And they all work together well. If you use them on a daily basis you can begin to see progress in your life and feel better and better. So again the answer is yes, positive affirmations can work for you and do work to improve one’s life, if you learn to use them well!

These are some of the powerful positive affirmations you can get sent to your home to help you reduce stress and change your life for the better. Another thing I like about them is they’re easy to carry with you, and they’re also easy to post up around where you work and live. There are 31 affirmations each focusing on different areas of life like self-confidence, inner peace, relationships, and prosperity. It’s good to use your intuition and pick one from the set that calls to you to focus on for that time or day.

Will thinking positive really change anything?
Yes! If you do it right. This program will teach you how! It’s more than thinking positively though. It’s about taking action to create a positive self-compassionate intention in your life and altering your focus! We can’t always change what happens to us in our lives, but we can change how we respond to it and think about it! That will help us let go of trying to control everything and everyone and instead focus on taking positive healthy empowering steps.

Isn’t it just lying to myself if I really feel bad to say I’m the greatest?
We lie to ourselves all the time when we say things like “things never work out for me” or “people always take advantage of me!” Those are negative affirmations we say things like them to ourselves every day! And they “work” to make us more fearful, unhappy and unsuccessful.

This positive affirmation program will teach you how to counter your existing negative affirmations and free your mind to stop the stress, anxiety and self sabotage that keeps you stuck in your life!

We have to get to a point in our lives when we are tired of being stuck in the same bad relationships or bad jobs or health problems and decide to take our a new step and take responsibility for our happiness.
Isn’t it time you create significant positive change in your life? You can.

One big reason to use positive affirmations is STRESS!
Stress is a major health risk! It costs us a lot of money but also much much more!

If you are like me you’ve had or maybe have a job right now that you dislike or find unsatisfying, or you just have lots of stress at work and it’s impacting your health and home life!

If stress and anxiety keeps you worried about your future, your family’s future, or has you on edge around the people you love then you’re not alone.

Maybe you yell at your TV set when you see the news, or worse you’re short tempered with the people you love.

Stress is very dangerous to our health! It’s a killer in fact. Stress reduces our lifespan, it leads to higher incidents of terrible health outcomes like heart disease and stroke! And it just makes our lives way more difficult and unpleasant.

One of the reasons people use positive affirmations is to deal with what we call the “inner critic” that’s the voice in our head that’s always chattering at us telling us negative stuff about ourselves. Do positive affirmations work to help us quit our own inner critical voice?

Yes they really can help. If you beat yourself up over your problems and perceived shortcomings you’re not alone. All this negative thinking about yourself or others isn’t your fault! In fact, it’s just part of your brain’s programming from when your brain soaked up everything you saw as a young child because that’s how our brains work. When we are children our brain operates a brainwave that is similar to being in a state of hypnosis, we are vastly more open to suggestion than we are as adults. We watch and listen to every adult in our lives and store away lessons about how life works, about our relationship to money, our relationship to the opposite sex and to authority figures.

But when we grow up many of these early life lessons can and often end up getting in the way of our health, happiness and success. We may have heard adults saying things like “money is the root of all evil” or “you can’t trust women” or “you can’t trust men”. You can see how these conversations we’ve overheard can end up getting in our way as adults!

Here are some of the negative programming we can start to overcome:

  • Seeing money as something only greedy people want or acquire.
  • Not trusting people of the opposite sex.
  • Believing we are not as good as others.
  • Using food to address our emotional and mental pain.
  • Not being confident in our abilities to try and learn new things.
  • Always judging ourselves and other people harshly.

Stress and self sabotaging behavior can be overcome. It takes work but with the right tools and guidance you can help to clear away those self limiting negative blocks to your happiness.

I’m going to review this Positive Affirmations program below so you can learn how to make positive affirmations work for you. Even if you’ve tried to make positive affirmations work before, especially if you have you’re going to enjoy what you learn from this high vibrational loving powerful affirmation system.

First of all I think this program is a very powerful solution! It’s helped me and others to tremendously reduce stress and anxiety and to build inner confidence! And I’ve had a lot of negativity and self doubt over the years. Since using it I’ve had so many positive changes in my own life that I’m actually certain it can help you too! But lets take a look at the program together.

Okay so you know that nagging self critical voice in your head that says stuff like “I never get a lucky break!” and “maybe I’m just not good enough?” or “I just cant do this!”? We all have that inner critic. It’s not just you.

Here’s the great news! Affirmations can work to change your life!
If you have the right guidance and affirmations and tools you can make a huge positive shift in your life. Using this program you can start to retrain your brain from being an inner critic to be your best friend and ally! It is time to let go of the stress, worry and self-defeating behavior! We should all do everything we can to live happy healthy successful lives. Right?

If this affirmation self improvement life uplifting program can help you feel more calm and peace and that’s huge! That greater sense of calm and peace in this day and age of stress and anxiety is really wonderful.

Okay this is key. I have this and I listen to the affirmations audio file every day and even while I sleep! It’s important because we have to overcome tens of thousands of negative thoughts we have every day. That’s why this program works so well. Because it has tools to let us use affirmations repeatedly and often enough to break through our wall of self sabotage.

Now that I’ve added this new positive soundtrack to my life and I’m using the power of affirmations to reprogram my subconscious mind, I’m feeling better and I am getting great things done! I have a to do list like most people but I also have a “meaning to do” list with the things I can’t get myself to do. Since I started using this program more of those “meaning to do” list items have been taken off my list! And that feels awesome! So that’s why I’m sharing this affirmation life improving program with you.

When I find something that helps me or something I enjoy, it’s my greatest pleasure in life to share it with others. That’s how I was raised. That’s why I’m writing this review and sharing this very powerful helpful program I found and use myself. I’m going to run down a review of all the great happiness and inner peace tools they include below for you to look over.

Get these benefits in your life.

Here are the most important benefits you can have when you learn to make affirmations work for you using this program.


If you want to try it risk free (there’s a satisfaction guarantee) then Click Here To Order Now! when you get it use it right away.

Like I mentioned they offer a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! I always look for those when I buy things online. Here’s what they say about offering this guarantee:

“I want you to not just trust us, but trust that the Universe has put you here reading this for a reason. You deserve to be happy and have more peace and success in your life!”

OK so here’s what they send you and my thoughts on the benefits of each part of this sweet “I’m gonna feel better” affirmations program. First the cards.

You can take these 31 printed cards to work or school or wherever you go so you can take a few moments to refocus your thoughts, feelings and intentions in a positive healthy way. It’s good to have them at work.

Post them up on your laptop, office wall, bathroom mirror and other places you will regularly see. They send you little sticker plastic holders so you can post them up anywhere you like. Whenever you feel stress at work for example you can look up and see your affirmation and repeat it to yourself as you take several slow deep breaths. I do this all the time! I put on on my computer monitor. I put one on my bathroom mirror. I put another on my refrigerator.

So the cards are pretty sweet. The next thing you get is an ebook that teaches you the secrets to making positive affirmations work. This part is important. The book is easy to read, inspiring and full of helpful instructions.

So you can listen to the book while you relax at home or in the car on the way to work. This is an inspiring and easy to read book that explains the benefits of affirmations and the way to make them really work for you. I would read it over and over again to stay inspired and keep the lessons fresh in mind about how to make affirmations work for you.

You can easily use this positive affirmations program to learn to energize your dreams, goals and desires with magical power of your own emotions so you can attract and manifest the good fortune you deserve.

You’ll also receive the Audio Book so you can listen from your phone anywhere and anytime and get inspired and learn how to use these affirmations to free your mind and improve your life! They recommend you listen to the book as much as you can to let the ideas get a chance to sink in.

Ok now think about how great it will be to feel more calm and peaceful more often and less negative about yourself and others. That’s why whether you use affirmations, meditation or Yoga you will add so much value to your life. When you tune into the loving vibration of the Universe and relax more you will live a better happier more successful life.

Here are the benefits they mention.

    Who doesn’t want to just feel better am I right?
    Stop with all the beating yourself up already!
    Yes I Can! Yes I Can! Build up your confidence!
    Be more relaxed more often. That’s important.
    Stress is a killer like I said. Use make these affirmations work for you.
    If you use these often then yes affirmations can work for you! They have for me and do every day.

Noted author Wayne Dyer said
When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!”

Affirmations can be an amazing and powerful tool to change your life for the better!

Your going to want to play the audio file in the background while you work or study! That is one of the most powerful parts of this program. Affirmations must be used OFTEN to work. Repetition is key! If you want to learn to be more confident and relaxed then add the habit of reciting or listing to affirmations daily and even while you sleep.

You’ll receive an MP3 file containing the full set of exclusive happiness affirmations. You can play the file using any audio player such as your phone or media player and set it to repeat. Play it in the background while you work at low volume. Or play it while you’re resting in a very relaxed state of consciousness for best effect. Important Tip: When we are about to fall asleep our mind is in a very suggestive state. That’s the best time to put this audio of affirmations on and let them sink into your subconscious mind.

Okay so this is interesting. You also receive what I think is a powerful audio video slideshow! It’s a specially created audio video slideshow of all 31 unique affirmations. You can run them with the sound on or off and use it as a meditative tool repeating the affirmations you hear and see. I leave this on all day in my office and around the house so it creates a vibration of positive ideas and energy all around me.

What if you’re not sure which affirmation to use? Great question. You’ll be sent a special “Mind Map” tool to give you suggestions about which affirmations you can use in what locations and for which purposes. Surround and fill your life with your positive intentions! Want to work on self confidence? It will show you which affirmations to focus on Want to work on making more money, it will show you which affirmations work best for that as well. This handy print out is super helpful for anyone who wants to make affirmations work for them and make their lives work better. I’m glad they included this.

You’ll receive this bonus interactive worksheet guide to help you learn how to ask empowering questions that take the stress out of difficult stressful situations we all experience and help you create more progress and more self-confidence! So we can’t always change what happens to us in life right? But, we can change how we respond to what happens and how that impacts our emotions. This bonus worksheet shows you how to recognize the opportunity in problems and turn them around into opportunities. Pretty cool! This alone would make a great self improvement book worth buying.

Ok so this is very cool! You will actually get even more with this super creative positive affirmations self improvement program. They give you $60 worth of free bonuses of very interesting looking self improvement books. I’m looking forward to reading them myself. Reading books like this is certainly better than sitting in front of the stress creating television set that’s for sure! It’s important to constantly put positive media into our consciousness!

Here’s what they say on their website:
“We want to give everyone who buys our program an extra $60 in amazing bonus books to help you shift your life into high gear and make positive progress every day. You could spend thousands of dollars on seminars, workshops and coaches and never get to the root of your negative thinking and inner roadblocks to happiness. This program helps you help yourself!
You need to take the steps yourself and commit to choosing a positive life affirming path.You can do this! I hope you do. Order this wellness life changing program and use it.”


This first Free Bonus book is about getting the mindset and tools to design and improve your life through developing a healthy approach to mental health.


Stress is a barrier to good health and peak performance. This guide will show you how to confidently take actions to reduce stress in your life every day so you can use your mind to achieve your goals.


This bonus download helps you get in touch with your real passion and purpose in life. Life is about passion and energy and the energy you use to manifest the happy healthy and prosperous life you deserve!

So all in all I’d say this is a great program.

(Includes updates with new tools and affirmations!)

Create a happiness mindset to overcome daily stress.

Attract and manifest the happier more fulfilling life you want.

This is the link to order this positive affirmations program.

I hope my review has helped you with your question about whether or not affirmations work. They work for me. They’ve worked for many people for many years. But it’s vitally important that you learn how to maximize your results to achieve your own goals. I think this program and I’m sure others can help you do just that. May you find the peace and happiness you desire!

Here’s one of their affirmations you can start with:
“ I am confident in my ability to succeed in achieving all my goals and desires.”

Say it aloud. Start by taking some slow long deep breaths. Repeat it several times a day. Enjoy! Namaste!

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Disclosure: Some of the links on my blog are affiliate links meaning I get some commission on sales created, but I only suggest products I try myself and love using.




Advocate for a Fair Democracy. Building online tools for people working together for Fairness and intelligent Shared Prosperity.

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Advocate for a Fair Democracy. Building online tools for people working together for Fairness and intelligent Shared Prosperity.

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