Dear friends still bashing Hillary…

Really.. with all the fascist oligarchs marching into Washington to destroy our healthcare and education and put Exxon in charge and Carson of HUD and worse you’re still caught up in this angry rant-a-thon against Hillary Clinton?

Her foundation actually gave millions to help people with aids and elsewhere while Trumps used donor money to pay for his legal bills and buy a life size portrait of himself for Gods sake. I seriously don’t care if Saudis or anyone gave her foundation money if that money went to help people in need and it did. All our politicians are bought out by donor money except one or two like Bernie. All that money Should go to charities that help the most vulnerable of the world, that’d be perfectly fine by me!

Our government’s in the hands of the oligarchs who are about to kick 20 million off health insurance… Hillary would not have done that.

Hillary would not have put Exxon in charge of the state department she devoted years of her life to.

Hillary would not have handed every federal agency over to people who have devoted their lives to eliminated those same agencies.

Hillary would not have let the GOP defund Planned Parenthood.

Hillary would not have nominated a Supreme Court Justice who will reverse Roe Vs Wade threatening womens health and reversing gains in reproductive justice.

Hillary would not have nominated Jefferson Beauregard Sessions a white supremacist as the Attorneys General.

Hillary would not have abandoned the North Atlantic Treaty Organization publically while embracing the murderous thug Vladimir Putin.

Hillary would not have let the Republicans kick more than 20 million of us off our life saving health insurance resulting in many unnecessary and premature family destroying deaths!

Please realize that in no sane universe is Hillary Clinton as bad for or dangerous to America and the world than Donald Trump.

She is a phony baloney bureaucrat who stole Bernie Sanders platform and used the access she gained to the establishment over 20 plus years in it to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders but she didn’t represent the end of the progressive gains of the New Deal and Donald J. Trump does.

So if you’re still ranting against Hillary on social media at this point you’ve lost all bearings on rational thought and perspective and I humbly suggest you seek professional mental healthcare before we lose it as the ACA is ripped away from all of us.

Take a page from Senator Sanders book and help organize people to oppose Trump and the most fascist dangerous US government ever to come to power. #Indivisible

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