Joseph Segal
3 min readNov 1, 2022

By Joe Segal

You’ve heard of the “Third Way”? This is “A new way”.

We need a new global economic system that values character over wealth creation/power.

The more value you create in people’s lives, the more you help others the more reputation credits and resources you receive. More barter less commerce. This would be decided by one’s peers, not by the state.

Shared ownership of real estate, co-ops in food, business, housing, etc.

Housing should be a human right and basic housing should become accepted as a collective good provided for the stabilization of a decent human and safe society.

Those who want to upgrade housing and build more or bigger are free to do so. No person should be relegated to living on the streets sucking up fumes under freeways.

Housing should not be a source of wealth creation and accumulation and exploitation of workers who rent for the mere right to survive indoors. That represents a type of indentured servitude a product of the 18th century, not the 21st century.

Housing values are massively overvalued and need to be severely deflated.

Rent should in part go towards the creation of personal wealth/equity that is portable wherever one goes in the world.



Joseph Segal

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