A Creative Solution For Better Governance In America

Joseph Segal
3 min readJun 7, 2022

We would be better off taking a random sampling of voting-age Americans to serve for two years in Congress than doing what we’re doing now which is essentially auctioning off the jobs of Congressional Representation to the highest bidders of the wealthy class. No “donations” are necessary because there would be no elections or reelections, just civil servants who return home to live in the same conditions the rest of us do after their service.

It would be against the law for any such Representative to take donations or anything of value from private industry, political parties, or individuals in excess of some nominal amount.

This process would be comparable to Jury Duty. If 12 random people are okay to judge if we are to be incarcerated or set free at trial then why not to try a similar method to set us all free as legislators/representatives?

We would have three Advisory Councils. They would be comprised of:

  1. People found to be among the most intelligent in the nation.
  2. People found to be among the most creative in the nation.
  3. People found to be among the most compassionate & kind in the nation.

This determination would be achieved by way of national contests that reveal the individual's intelligence, creativity, and compassionate kindness. The contests would include public challenges like reducing violence and poverty in their communities, ending homelessness, and improving public health or transportation.

Among their duties would be the Voir Dier process that is used in jury selections today where potential members of the jury can be removed for any cause to remove fringe outliers. Each committee would have some number of “strikes” to use to remove people randomly selected to serve on the People’s Congress for two years.

There would be a fourth Guiding Council that would moderate the three councils mostly asking them probative Socratic questions, and helping them to reach a consensus. This council would be comprised of people found to be the most empathetic and best communicators in the country.

The general public could vote to have new legislation brought to the General
Council of Public Legislators if…

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