A dream. By Joseph Segal

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Firstly, I’m as disappointed in the Democrats failures to help the working class’s lives improve as you are such as when they had power from Bill Clinton’s “welfare reform” and cozying up to Wall Street right up to Obama settling for a Heritage Fund Romney Care give away to the private health insurance corporations instead of fighting for the same single-payer healthcare every other advanced nation affords their people!

But friends, if the Democrats are the “same” as the Republicans as some of you on Twitter have said then tell me please why has the Republican party and Mitch McConnell…

As retold to Sharon

When I was a young man I fasted and climbed to a mountain top under the stars to spend the night in prayer seeking a vision & guidance. I placed tobacco around me in a circle offering prayers of thanks. A rattlesnake sat beside the edge of the circle with me. I sang. I prayed.

Sharon: I’m glad to hear this story from your book of life on this planet. Thanks for telling it. Seems like there’s more to it though. Did you have to invite the snake to leave or did it just go as…

I’ve discovered life is struggle to be aware, “woke” if you will. Aware not just to society’s injustices & our ability to create positive change in it but of our inner misconceptions of who we are and what makes us feel and come alive. We’re not meant to sleepwalk thru life.

It’s those moments of feeling fully alive when strung together over time create a sense of happiness and empowerment to me that feels satisfying.

But I need to, I want to create new opportunities to feel and be alive and fully engaged in life. I can’t rely on past…

Thank you for writing and sharing this consciousness arousing story and teaching!

I've found when things do not work it is very frustrating to me and often leads me to feeling hopeless and sad.

The idea that I can rethink and reframe these experiences as temporary puzzles in rooms I'll move into and out of is very helpful.

By Joseph Segal

Photo by pixabay.com

I’m learning the river is strong. The river of Divine love

and creation is very powerful and its current is very strong.

It is when I cling to the rocks of the riverside or stray branches, hoping to keep

safe that I experience pain in various forms.

But when I let go! Ahhh, when I let go in those times I’ve done so,

the river carries me towards my fulfilling healthier version of me and

my life. I meet kind caring people like you. I find new opportunities

to prosper from. I end up in a new…

Today’s dream by Joseph Segal

Sometimes my dreams tell stories with messages wrapped inside them and sometimes they feel like movies. This was one of those dreams. I don’t expect it will mean much to anyone but myself, but I did find it to be very interesting and to contain meaning for me so I wanted to record it here.

I dreamed I was at the top of a mountain. There at the mountain top was the United States White House. Inside the White House I met with the President and shared some ideas with him.

As I brought a…

Written by Joseph Segal

My meditation bell helps me focus my awareness.

Please don’t feel helpless or hopeless! You are neither of these things!

Oh it’s normal at times especially such as these we live in to feel these emotions and I am not meaning to dismiss your experiences nor your emotions. What I mean to say is please don’t dwell in helplessness or hopelessness!

Please don’t let these emotions form into types of quicksand in your life that draw you deeper into unhealthy states of living. I say please because I look at the state of things around me, in my city and state, my country and…

by Joseph Segal

I remember in college I took a course in neuropsychology and we were heading into finals. It was a very difficult course for me with a great amount of information to memorize for the final test. After one lecture I stayed to ask the professor a question.

I said professor, you’re asking me to memorize an enormous amount of information for this test. I have to be honest with you. One week or maybe less after I take this final exam I am certain I won’t retain ninety percent or more of this and will forget almost…

by Joseph Segal

Remember when candidate Obama said change doesn’t come from Washington it comes from the bottom up and Yes We Can? When I stood at a speech then-candidate Obama gave at USC here in Southern California I was excited. I thought he would operationalize his experience, knowledge, and background as a community organizer through OFA creating a 50 state infrastructure of civic engagement to push for all the progressive ideas he spoke so eloquently about in his speeches.

But as the nation was in the grips of the last Wall Street fueled Great Recession President Obama appeared to…

Joseph Segal

Advocate for a Fair Democracy. Building online tools for people working together for Fairness and intelligent Shared Prosperity. http://www.josephsegal.com

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